As the name implies, this section tests the candidate’s based on their 2 major skills of communication, which are spoken and written skills. This section comprises six small sections that test you on your promptness over speaking and writing the written test that you would get to read for the first time. The complete section is given a time duration of 54 – 67 minutes and the time allotted to each segment is as follows:

Section Overview

PTE Speaking and Writing Section Question TopicsPTE Questions per taskDuration per task
Personal introduction155 seconds: 25 seconds for prompt, 30 seconds to record
Read Aloud6 – 730-40 seconds to prepare for reading out the text of 60 words
Repeat sentence10 – 1215 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt, 15 seconds to record
Describe image3 – 425 seconds are granted to study the image as well as prepare your response on the same
Retell lecture1 – 290 seconds for prompt length, 10 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to answer
Answer short question5 – 620 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt, 10 seconds to answer
Summarize written text1 – 210 minutes to answer to text prompt of 300 words
Write Essay1 – 220 minutes to answer to text prompt of 2-3 sentences
Total questions28 – 36Time Allocation: 54 – 67 minutes