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How are PTE Academic and IELTS different?

How are PTE Academic and IELTS different?

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IELTS offers a choice between a paper-based exam or a computer-delivered exam as this is the main difference between IELTS and PTE. The PTE test is all computer-based. IELTS and PTE offer academic tests.

PTE Academic and IELTS:

In Australia, IELTS also offers a General Training test for migration. IELTS is accepted globally by more than 11,000 organizations. It includes universities, professional bodies, employers, and Australian student visa and migration applications.

PTE is also accepted by thousands of academic programs. PTE made changes to the way their scores are linked to IELTS. In IELTS, you do a speaking exam face-to-face with a real human, and the PTE-A test requires you to speak in a microphone.

In Australia, the test fee for IELTS is AUD$395. The price for the exam is the same. There is no separate registration fee or payment processing fee and also no late payment fee.

If we talk about PTE, there are many integrated questions, such as listening and speaking in the speaking portion of the exam or reading and writing in the reading part. Questions are also timed.

If we talk about IELTS, you can skip questions and come back to them to complete them. PTE-A is automatically machine-scored with IELTS; the reading and listening tests are auto-marked, but the speaking and writing tests are looked at by a real human.

PTE takes less preparation as compared to other exams. Students still need to understand the timings of each section and they should know what they have to do to succeed on test day.

The structure of both tests is quite similar. The speaking part of IELTS and the speaking section of PTE are quite different as there are no such similarities in this.

If we talk about PTE academic tests, the integrated skills of speaking and writing. This is a more natural approach. The PTE speaking section is completed on a computer, and the IELTS is done face to face with a human examiner.

Many students report feeling less nervous about completing the speaking section in PTE Academic, and PTE academic speaking section is computer-based, the whole test can be completed on the same day.

How are PTE Academic and IELTS different?

In some areas both the test offer the same skills:

In both the writing tasks are very similar which means you won’t need to adapt your preparation techniques. In order to score well on either test, students will need to organize their sentences and paragraphs in a logical way, support an opinion with details, examples, and explanations, and use correct grammar, spelling, and mechanics.

They should use appropriate language for the context of their writing. In speaking there are some challenging tasks, so you have to make sure you get plenty of practice in class and use resources out there.

This task tests the same language abilities as the first writing task in IELTS, and you’ll be able to adapt your preparation technique. Both exams require students to speak fluently.

IELTS and PTE academics differ in structure and timing in many more things. Students answer fewer questions over a significantly shorter time in PTE.

Test takers are only asked one question per text, and learners will need to focus on the meaning of the text and be able to identify the main theme and purpose.

Skimming and scanning for information are also important skills there. In both, the listening sections are quite different. PTE recordings are all from authentic academic sources.

IELTS has fewer recordings and more questions. IELTS requires students to complete the sentence, label etc. PTE asks students to highlight incorrect summaries.

There are a number of available resources for the preparation of both test which includes the Scored practice test. In this, students can access four scored practice tests which will help them get a good idea of how they’ll perform in the exam. Next is Question Bank, which the question bank features 300 test questions.

It also consists of sample answers for the exam’s speaking and writing parts. The official guide to PTE academics in which students can access in-depth information and robust, practical advice on sitting each part of the exam, along with extra online resources. PTE Academic English booster in this students can sharpen their English skills with lots of practice activities.

Conclusion: PTE is one of the best options, and you should go for it. IELTS is also a good option for people comfortable giving face-to-face exams. Both are different and the same in some cases. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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