How is the PTE speaking section scored?

The PTE (Pearson Test of English) speaking section is designed to assess a test-taker’s ability to communicate effectively in English. The speaking section consists of several tasks, each graded based on specific criteria. The scoring process involves automated scoring algorithms, ensuring consistency and objectivity. The following provides an overview of how the PTE speaking section is generally graded:

  1. Read Aloud: In the “Read Aloud” task, test-takers are scored on their ability to read a given text aloud. The scoring considers factors such as pronunciation, fluency, and oral fluency.
  1. Repeat Sentence: The “Repeat Sentence” task assesses the test-taker’s ability to accurately repeat a sentence heard in the audio. Scoring is based on pronunciation and the ability to reproduce the sentence with correct wording and intonation.
  1. Describe Image: In the “Describe Image” task, test-takers are required to describe information presented in a visual (graph, chart, image). Scoring includes assessing content, pronunciation, fluency, and oral fluency.
  1. Re-tell Lecture: The “Re-tell Lecture” task evaluates the test-taker’s ability to listen to a lecture and then summarize or re-tell the key points. Scoring is based on content, pronunciation, and oral fluency.
  1. Answer Short Question: The “Answer Short Question” task assesses the ability to respond concisely to a brief question. Scoring considers content, pronunciation, and oral fluency.
  1. Summarize Spoken Text: In the “Summarize Spoken Text” task, test-takers listen to an audio recording and summarize the main points in a written response. Scoring includes content, form, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling.
  1. Speaking and Writing: For integrated tasks that involve both speaking and writing components, scores are assigned based on a combination of speaking and writing criteria.

The scoring for the PTE speaking section is automated and conducted by computer algorithms. These algorithms have been trained on a large dataset of human-scored responses to ensure accuracy and reliability. The automated scoring system assesses various linguistic features, including pronunciation, intonation, fluency, content, and grammatical accuracy.

It’s important to note that the PTE exam is regularly updated, and specific details of scoring algorithms may evolve. Test-takers should refer to the official PTE Academic Score Guide or contact Pearson Customer Support for the most current and detailed information on the scoring criteria for the speaking section.