How is the PTE Writing section scored

The PTE writing section is scored based on a set of criteria that assesses your ability to express ideas clearly and coherently in written English. The scoring is done by both automated scoring systems and trained human raters.

The criteria for evaluating written responses in the PTE writing section include:

  • Content: The relevance and completeness of the response to the task.
  • Form: The overall structure and organization of the response, including the use of paragraphs and linking words.
  • Grammar: The correctness and variety of grammatical structures used in the response.
  • Vocabulary: The range and accuracy of vocabulary, including the use of academic and topic-specific language. 
  • Spelling and Punctuation: The accuracy of spelling and proper use of punctuation.
  • Development, Support, and Coherence: How well ideas are developed and supported with details and examples, and how coherently the response flows.

It’s important to address the task appropriately, adhere to the word limit, and showvcase a good command of English language skills to achieve a high score in the writing section.