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How to Extend Australia Student Visa?

How to Extend Australia Student Visa?

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If you want to extend the Australian student visa this is what you need to do to stay in the country and continue your adventure.

There are four scenarios where you might need to extend your visa, so the first is an extended research application, a new course of study, you have already submitted your post-grad thesis, but your visa expires before the marking will be complete, your course has been extended for some reason and your visa expires before you’ll complete it and  in Australia there is no automatic extension of a student visa.

You’ll need a way to legally stay in the country, if your visa is expiring and can’t return to your home country or your course has been extended. For this you have two options.

You can apply for a student visa again, or apply for a visitor visa and what you do is dependent on your situation. Student visa is the logical choice, if you are still studying and are intending to continue.

There may be delays and problems in accessing some visa services and there have been issues accessing the VEVO system. Instead, you can access information via your ImmiAccount, delays in getting appointments for medical checks, additional information such as bio-metrics and English testing are delayed.

The department of home affairs is aware of the problems and has allowed extra time in the process to account and in order to remain lawful, you may be required to apply for a bridging visa E, if your visa has already expired and this gives you time to make arrangements to leave.

Apply for a visa extension:

In Australia, to extend your student visa, you have to apply for a new visa before the current one expires and if not, you risk being deported, and it may affect the outcome and apply with plenty of time to put your paperwork together.

You can apply onshore or from outside Australia. It’s likely you’ll be given a Bridging Visa A, or ‘BVA’, if you submit the valid visa application onshore and while the new visa is processed, this lets you stay in the country.

You’ll have to wait for the outcome of the visa before you enter Australia, if you apply from outside of Australia and it consists of various steps.

In which Step 1 is to enroll in your course of choice. In this you need a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) from your educational institution and IDP Education can help you find the right education provider and this letter is given after you’ve enrolled.

The Australian government requires you to have health insurance and get in contact with your health insurance agency.

Step 2 is to collect required documents. You will need a certified copy of your birth certificate, passport ID page and a copy of every page with an Australian immigration stamp, national ID card, CV/ Resume.

In which case you need a letter from your institute/ university, marriage certificate, if applicable, migration agent form 956 if required. You need a parental consent if under 18 years old, OSHC policy number, making sure the dates of your policy match the visa, personal statement.

Financial capability evidence can be determined by providing evidence you have enough money for a year to cover your expenses and your accompanying family members and any school costs for any school-aged dependents, or evidence that your spouse or parents can support you and have an income of at least AUD$60,000 annually for single students.

Either should have at least AUD$70,000 for students that are accompanied by family members, an acceptance advice of secondary exchange students form for secondary exchange students only.

You must also provide evidence that you have genuine access to money and you will need a record and history of financial assistance from a business or person, to explain any recent large deposits in your account or wage payments, to proof you have an education loan to cover your tuition fees and living expenses if you have another loan type, evidence of agreement and ability to cover costs must be provided also.

How to Extend Australia Student Visa?

Step 3 is to submit your Australian student visa application. In which you need to attach all the relevant documents and lodge your application. You’ll receive a letter of acknowledgment from the Home Office and after that check your email often for communication from the Home Affairs office and respond to any queries quickly.

A case officer needs more information sometimes, in case your visa is denied. You can appeal the decision using immigration professionals.

Step 4 is bio-metrics. After lodging an application, applicants may be asked for bio-metrics. You will receive a letter and will also be able to see this request and you will be given 14 days to provide bio-metrics.

Step 5 is a medical examination. You may also need to get health checks done and you need to undergo another health examination, if you had a check-up more than a year ago.

Step 6 is to hold a valid visa. If you applied for this visa when you were in Australia, you will be granted a Bridging visa A (BVA) and the BVA allows you to stay in Australia while the visa is processed. Please ensure you don’t travel on your BVA as you lose the right to return and if you do, you’ll be staying in Australia illegally, not eligible for a Bridging visa A.


  1. Student visa is the logical choice, if you are still studying and are intending to continue.
  2. Applying for a student visa in Australia is a great choice.
  3. It includes a very simple process that you need to follow to get the visa.
  4.  You may also need to get health checks done for this.

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