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How to Get a Higher Score on the PTE Writing Section

How to Get a Higher Score on the PTE Writing Section

How to Get a Higher Score on the PTE Writing Section: English writing proficiency is evaluated in one of the PTE exam’s components. You’ll need to use your writing abilities in addition to your speaking, reading, and listening abilities during the entire test. However, as soon as the speaking portion is through, you’ll be given two exercises that are solely designed to gauge your writing ability.

Overview of the PTE Writing Module

Summarize Spoken Text

You will be given a paragraph for this PTE writing work, which you must sum up in your own words. The summary must be completed in one phrase that is longer than 75 words. You have ten minutes to read, summarize, and edit the text.

Essay Writing

The second activity in this segment that asks you to compose an essay between 200 and 300 words is the PTE essay writing task. You will be given a one- or two-line prompt, and you will have 20 minutes to produce an essay on the subject. The following criteria are used to determine your essay’s grade:

  •  Content 
  • Develop formal requirements 
  • Grammar 
  • Language Variety 
  • Grammar and Spelling

No matter the topic, it is imperative that you keep these things in mind as you write your essay. In addition, here are some pointers to assist you raise your writing grade.

1. Concentrate on the main idea

Your prompt may be based on a contentious issue, current events, or any other topic. You must determine the essence of your subject and use it consistently throughout your exam. Clarity and focus are key; stay on topic. Keep the main subject at the forefront of your argument, even while you are stating your own personal perspective. Before you start writing your essay, you might start taking rough notes after reading the topic and jotting down your main ideas.

2. Design a building

The introduction, your defence, and the conclusion should be broken up into these three sections. This format should be kept in mind even when taking notes. You’ll be able to keep inside the word limit and make decisions about the stuff you want to write thanks to this.

3. Offer instances or data

The content becomes more interesting and trustworthy when examples, facts, or even stories are used. It gives your writing structure and personality. Utilize all the knowledge you have on a subject if you have it. If you are certain of your facts, you might even include names of famous people or significant dates.

4. Use idioms or quotes

Like details and examples, quotes and idioms give your essay some flair. Another strategy is to use catchy phrases. However, you have to be sure that they are not slang or colloquial. If the situation calls for it, you can think about utilizing them. However, you must adhere to academic writing standards regarding language and style. Including well-known quotes can help your article gain focus. If it is not necessary, do not impose it.

5. Employ understandable vocabulary

It’s time for you to reconsider your top PTE writing guidelines if you believe that mastering difficult terminology is one of them. You should concentrate on utilizing simple terminology that can be read quickly and doesn’t consume the majority of your word count. Additionally, you must make sure that your writing does not have a poor style. As crucial as the terminology you select to employ are context and sentence structure. Additionally, make use of the proper conjunctions and introducing words. to effectively convey your message. You can utilize expressions and connectives such as “in my opinion,” “in my opinion,” “moreover,” “given the facts,” etc.

Developing a writing routine can take some time. But if you work at it with conviction, you can develop your essay-writing abilities. You can practice your writing with the help of the online app and Pearson’s PTE Academic Official Coursebooks. You can also take practice and mock exams to evaluate your performance quantitatively. You can increase your PTE essay writing score by using the aforementioned advice and practice.


  1. Maintain your essay’s key idea.
  2. Introduce, develop, and conclude your essay.
  3. Use examples, facts, and tales to make your information more engaging and trustworthy.
  4. To spice up your essay, use idioms or quotes that are academically appropriate.
  5. Use simple, easy-to-read terminology without hogging word count.
  6. To improve your PTE essay writing, practice consistently, and use online apps and practice examinations.
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