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Prepare for PTE: PTE or Pearson Test of English is a computer-based English language test undertaken by students and aspirants who are planning to study abroad or immigrate to a major English-speaking country.

It has three parts :-

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking & Writing

You definitely need to prepare yourself, if you want to score well overall.

In this article, we will talk about PTE preparation. This article will commence with a 10-day guide plan that will help you to focus on preparation and excel in your exam.

During PTE test, you will have :- 

  • 78-94 minutes:- Speaking & Writing
  • 31-40 minutes:- Reading
  • 45-56 minutes:- Listening

This article includes :-

  • Day 1 & 2:- Learn about PTE score & PTE exam format
  • Day 3:- PTE mock tests
  • Day 4:- Focus on weakness
  • Day 5:- Learn about general tips
  • Day 6 & 7:- PTE speaking & writing tips
  • Day 8:- PTE reading tips
  • Day 9:- PTE listening tips
  • Day 10:- Get ready for the test day

#Day 1 & 2: Learn PTE Exam Format & PTE Score to PREPARE FOR PTE

Before the exam, it’s very important to get familiar with PTE format and structure. Below here you will find an exam preparation guide that explains the format and the scoring system briefly!

  • PTE Speaking & Writing Format
    The Speaking & Writing section of this exam takes from 78 to 94 minutes. This section of the test contains 8 parts. Each part tests a different set of your skills and includes various questions. Firstly, you need to introduce yourself. You will be having 30 seconds to prepare yourself & for reading and 30 seconds to present your answer.
  • PTE Reading
    The reading part of this exam takes from 31 to 40 minutes. One single-timed section has 20 questions that test a variety of skills and abilities. There are 5 types of questions in total in the reading section.
  • PTE Listening
    This section of the test takes about 45-56 minutes and contains 8 types of questions.

How PTE Score Works?

The Global Scale of English gives you a precise summary of your skills. It is very important to know about the importance of PTE Scores. The PTE Academic Score Report includes:

  • The overall score
  • Communicative skills scores
  • Enabling skills scores

#Day 3: Take PTE Practice Test

Practice as much as you can as it is very important if you want to attain a higher score during the PTE exam. PTE offers a lot of possibilities for students to practice.

You can find a lot of free PTE mock tests on the official website. These tests will help you to prepare for the actual exam & you can also be able to find your weaknesses and work accordingly.

Practicing these tests will help you to understand what sections you should focus on more. Another option is the PTE Official Academic App for better understanding.

It categorizes the necessary practice activities on which you need to focus more to make your preparation process easier. This app contains a lot of useful resources and guidelines which will be helpful in the preparation.

#Day 4: Focus on your weaknesses for the best results

In order to do well in your exam, it is pivotal to focus on your weaknesses, even if it seems easier to you, keep improving the things you are already better at. Doing so will help you to improve the overall score faster and more efficiently which will be helpful in achieving a high PTE score.

#Day 5: Learn about general PTE tips

Tip no.1: Be Familiar with the Test

Tip no.2: Remember the Time Limit

Tip no.3: Stick to the Plan

Tip no.4: Learn New Words Daily

#Day 6 & 7: PTE Speaking & Writing Tips


Tip no.1: Listen More

Tip no.2: Train Your Pronunciation

Tip no.3: Maintain Normal Speed

Tip no.4: Prepare Your PTE Personal Introduction


Tip no.1: Use This PTE Essay Template

Tip no.2: Know the Rules

Tip no.3: Learn to Summarize

#Day 8: PTE Tips for Reading


Tip no1: Read Regularly

Tip no.2: Use Skimming Technique

Tip no.3: Pay Attention to Keywords

#Day 9: PTE Listening Tips



Tip no.1: Just Listen carefully

Tip no.2: Try to Practice in a Noisy Room

Tip no.3: Stay Focused

#Day 10: Get Ready for the Test Day

On the exam day, you should be fully prepared & not only for the test itself. Check all the essential documents and time before coming to the exam centre. You should follow all the requirements for PTE.

PTE Academic is taken at a test center. You will have to show your valid ID, check in with the Test Administrator, and sit in a computer room for your exam. Here are some essential tips! Make sure you should:

  • 1. Arrive 30 minutes before your test at your center
  • 2. Checked in
  • 3. Passed security
  • 4. Have your acceptable ID (usually a passport)

Scoring well in this exam might not be easy, but if you put all of your efforts and time and follow this guide & action plan, you will find it much easier.

Good luck!!

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