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How to Upgrade Your English Language Skills for PTE Test

How to Upgrade Your English Language Skills for PTE Test

If you have decided to look for the PTE Academic, then you should start working on your English language skills for PTE Test. The common conception around preparation for English Proficiency Tests is that it is easier for native English speakers compared to non-native English speakers.

There is no fixed answer to explain if this is true, but what we know for sure is that  we need very incredible English language proficiency to get a significant score in PTE.

PTE Academic needs you to improve from your existing English language skills and construct it based on its technicalities, which includes using precise grammar, considerable vocabulary, relevant structures, and many more.

This doesn’t mean having a mental encyclopedia full of the most arduous words to  be able to form compound sentences. Relatively, PTE Academic  requires you to be able to transmit in a brief and simple but conceptual accurate way.

If you want to ameliorate your English language skills for the Official Test, you need to concentrate on all your English language communicative skills i.e., Listening, Reading, and Speaking and Writing skills because the exam evaluates your expertise in all these 4 section skills.

Tips to upgrade English Language Skills for PTE Test:-

  • Speaking: People frequently find it frightening to carry on a conversation in English. This may come from the fear of being unable to pave the way for the conversations or the fear of not being able to pronounce some words correctly.

    There are countless other reasons why people who are fluent in reading and writing English might struggle in spoken communication . But, you have to start at some point and learn from your faults.

    Intensifying your English speaking skills is not only good  for your PTE Academic, but that will also help you in the long run. You can start by speaking English in your close friend circle. Or else you can start by repeating some words that you find difficult to pronounce.

    Don’t translate from your native language but start thinking in English . We all have continual thoughts filling our heads that never stops. So, why are you wasting most of your time by thinking in English? This way, you have all the time in the world to translate or even search for words that you don’t know & have difficulties while pronouncing them.
  • Listening: To upgrade your English skills in terms of listening, the best thing you can do is grasp as much content as you can in English. You can also watch movies, listen to English songs, podcasts, poems, watch English news, etc. Listening to other people talk in English will teach you new words and their pronunciations.

    The PTE listening test is not only based on your ability to listen. You must also be able to break it down and apprehend it, so you can follow that up with your answer. Consequently, the more English content you will grasp, the more habitual you will become to learn the language.
  • Reading: When we talk about upgrading your English skills in  reading, we are not limiting your sources just to books. Sure, they are a huge help in learning. By reading, you are introduced to new vocabulary to improve PTE Scores, epigraphs, and idioms, and it also helps in increasing your knowledge. But there are many other things aside from books that you can read.

    You can also read your favourite magazines, audiotapes, online blogs, news, articles, short stories, online podcasts, and many more. The key is to keep reading while also apprehending  what you’re reading.

    If you come across any words that you don’t know the meaning of or you don’t know their pronunciation, you should rapidly look them up. This will also add value to your reading sessions.

    When you get congenial with reading, you should concentrate fast or skim through it by focusing on the important features. The PTE test is time-bound, and hence, you will have to learn to be fast with your reading skills. You can time your reading sessions to see where you stand and how much improvement you need in that topic.
  • Writing: Writing in English not only helps you create sentences, but will also help you to learn their spelling too. You can improve your English writing skills by journaling.

    It doesn’t have to be very comprehensive or long. On the exam day, you’ll not have to write paragraphs of your answers; but a few sentences would be enough for that particular topic/ answer.

    You would get writing tasks like writing a summary or essay. To work on this, you can also rely on online PTE preparation resources as well as the scored Practice tests and Mock tests.

    There are multiple PTE preparation resources on which you can rely on. Using official handbooks, you can learn all the basics of the English language. You can also use offline sources and the official PTE app to take mock tests & practice tests.

    Pearson has enough quirky sample test questions for you to practice. Apart from this, you can also continue using the above strategies to improve your English language proficiency or skillls. You can incorporate these habits as they not only improve your English language proficiency but also help in shaping your personality too.

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