Is it possible to request a score review your PTE results?

PTE (Pearson Test of English) generally allows test-takers to request a score review if they are not satisfied with their results. The score review process is known as a “Rescore Request.” However, there are specific considerations and guidelines that test-takers should be aware of before deciding to request a rescore.

Here are key points related to requesting a score review:

  1. Time Frame for Rescore Request: Test-takers typically have a limited window within which they can submit a request for a score review. It is crucial to check the official PTE website or contact Pearson Customer Support for the most up-to-date information on the time frame for rescore requests.
  1. Fee for Rescore Request: A fee is usually associated with the rescore request process. Test-takers should be prepared to pay the designated fee, and the amount may vary based on the sections of the test for which a rescore is requested.
  1. Results of Rescore Request: After a rescore request is submitted, the test-taker will receive the results of the review. It’s important to note that the review process may confirm the original scores, result in a higher score, or lead to a lower score.
  1. No Further Review: Once a rescore request has been completed, there is generally no further avenue for review or appeal. The decision made after the rescore is considered final.
  1. Guidelines for Submitting a Rescore Request: Test-takers must follow the guidelines provided by Pearson for submitting a rescore request. This may include details on how to initiate the request, the associated fees, and the time frame within which the request must be made.

It’s crucial for test-takers to carefully consider whether a rescore request is necessary and to understand the potential outcomes of the review. While a rescore may result in a change in scores, it is not guaranteed, and there is a possibility that the original scores may be confirmed.

To obtain the most accurate and current information regarding the rescore request process, test-takers should refer to the official PTE website or contact Pearson Customer Support. It’s also advisable to thoroughly review the guidelines and policies related to rescore requests before making a decision to ensure a clear understanding of the process and its implications.