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PTE Exam Pattern For Australian PR

PTE Exam Pattern For Australian PR

PTE Exam Pattern For Australian PR: In Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, more than 3000 universities and colleges have accepted the PTE exam, an assessment of English language competency.

The PTE, or Pearson Test of English, consists of four main tests. PTE exam registration can be completed on the official website by creating an account, filling out the profile, choosing the PTE exam day and location, and finally paying the PTE test registration fees.

The validity of PTE scorecards is two years. In three hours, candidates must answer 53 to 74 questions. After the test, 48 hours later, the PTE results are accessible.


The conducting organization for the PTE Academic, Pearson- the PTE AcademicTM, does not provide any eligibility requirements for the PTE Academic 2023.

However, PTE Academic 2023 candidates must meet the standard eligibility requirements and be at least 16 years old when taking the PTE exam. For exams, for students under the age of 18, proof of parental consent is required.

Since the PTE Academic 2023 exam has no clear eligibility requirements, those planning to take it should also check the requirements of the institutions to which they plan to apply. Your chosen university will not accept you with just your PTE Academic exam score.


On the official website, you can access the application form. Candidates may register for the PTE exam online, complete the application form, and then pay for the exam.

Candidates must adhere to the detailed instructions listed below in order to avoid mistakes in their applications.

  • Candidates must choose the test they wish to take by visiting the Pearson PTE official website at
  • Candidates must accept the PTE Terms and Conditions in order to move on to the next phase.
  • For their PTE Academic test, candidates must select their preferred PTE Test Centre, available day, and time.
  • Their PTE exam type, PTE appointment information (Test Centre, Date & Time of the exam), and PTE cost would be forwarded to a confirmation page.

After they are pleased with the details of their PTE appointment, they must complete the final step by paying the applicable fees for the PTE exam online.

Payment of Application Fees

Taxes included, the PTE registration fee has been lowered to INR 14,700, and applicants may pay using any of the accepted payment options.

Visa debit cards, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB credit cards can all be used to pay the registration fees for the PTE exam. 48 hours after payment, the confirmation email with the chosen exam date, time, and place will be sent to the registered email address. A paper copy of the acknowledgement receipt is available for candidates.

Australia PR Visa 

Let’s first talk about the permissible exam format for Australian visas before we go into the PTE exam pattern for Australian PR. Australian public relations can be categorized into three groups:

Parents, partners, kids, or dependent relatives of an Australian permanent resident may apply for a family-based PR visa. It also includes youngsters who have undergone or are undergoing adoption.

This also applies to caregivers and people who must move to Australia to take care of an authorized relative. Prioritize the spouse’s PTE score for Australia when submitting an application as a couple.

Only those who work for Australian companies, have Australian employers, or are employed by organizations that adhere to Australian standards and laws are eligible for a skill-based or work-based PR visa.

Business or investor-stream PR visa

PTE Exam Pattern for Australia PR 

Speaking and writing, reading, and hearing make up the three areas of the PTE Exam for Australian PR. The only exam type recognized by the Australian government for Australian immigration is PTE Academic.

Students who take the PTE for Australia PR exam must adhere to strict standards and score requirements. Candidates for the Australian PR PTE exam must be well-versed in its PTE format.

Exam criteria for PTE for Australia PR include a strict emphasis on PTE Academics. It is broken into the following three sections:

Part 1 (Speaking and Writing)

You’ll be required to read personal information, read aloud, repeat a sentence, describe an image, and recount a lecture during this section. Along with that, it involves summarizing the book, writing an essay, and responding to short questions.

Part 2 (Reading)

Fill in the blanks, reading and writing, multiple choice questions, rearranging paragraphs, reading for filling in the blanks, and multiple choice with single responses are all included in Part 2 (Reading).

Part 3 (Listening) 

Part 3 of the listening test involves summarizing spoken material, filling in blanks, choosing more than one answer in multiple-choice questions, determining an accurate summary, selecting just one answer in multiple-choice questions, selecting missing words, determining incorrect words, and writing from dictation.

PTE Scores Required for Australia PR 

The scores must be high in order to qualify for Australian permanent residency, particularly for some skilled-stream visas. Depending on the type of visa requested, the applicant must meet certain language competence requirements:

Effective English: The candidate must have taken the PTE test within the last 12 months and adhered to the PTE score validity for Australia in order to be considered for this position.

If applying for vocational English, the applicant must have a current PTE score that was earned no more than three years prior to the visa application.

Passing the competent English exam is necessary for visas 186, 187, 188, 190, 489, 491, and 494. Within three years after submitting a visa application, applicants must take the proficient English level exam.

Similar to better English, the applicant must take the PTE test within three years of applying.

English proficiency level Component Score
Functional Overall score 30
Vocational Listening 36
Vocational Reading 36
Vocational Writing 36
Vocational Speaking 36
Competent Listening 50
Competent Reading 50
Competent Writing 50
Competent Speaking 50
Proficient Listening 65
Proficient Reading 65
Proficient Writing 65
Proficient Speaking 65
Superior Listening 79
Superior Reading 79
Superior Writing 79
Superior Speaking 79


  1. Over 3000 Australian, New Zealand, and UK universities and colleges accept the PTE English language test.
  2. Candidates must be 16 years old to take the PTE Academic 2023 exam.
  3. Online application and payment for the PTE exam are available.
  4. Australian PR PTE exams include Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening.
  5. Depending on the visa type, candidates must pass the competent English level exam within three years of applying for Australian PR.

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