PTE Multiple-Choice, Choose Single Answer Sample 10:

Read the text and answer the multiple choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Assam is home to the largest number of tea plantations in the world. The majority of the tea produce of India comes from Assam. The plantations are lined alongside the Brahmaputra River and the leaves grow in clayey soil. The humid climate coupled with ample rainfall, provides this tea with the strong flavor it possesses.

It is a dark colored infusion with a burgundy-amber hue. The taste is malty and borderline astringent. A favorite in the domestic market, the assam tea leaves are used to make chai, as it blends very well with milk and sugar, unlike other teas. If you happen to be health conscious and do not add milk to your tea, then be sure to put fewer leaves, when making a black cuppa, as it can get overwhelmingly strong.

Diabetes happens to be one of the most common health problems in the world. More than a disease, it is more so a health condition which can pose a huge problem to a person’s health. If you are affected by diabetes, then other organs like the kidneys, eyes and urinary tract can be affected. In this disease, the body loses its sensitivity towards insulin; the hormone which regulates blood sugar levels within the body.

While there are many medicines which can help diabetics, they do come in a packaged deal will numerous side effects. While it is great to take medical help to cure diabetes, it is even better, to complement it with a healthy lifestyle as well as dietary changes.

What thing adds strong flavor in tea?
A. By adding sugar
B. By adding milk
C. Humid climate coupled with ample rainfall
D. All of the above

C. Humid climate coupled with ample rainfall

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