PTE Multiple-Choice, Choose Single Answer Sample 11:

PTE Exam:

Read the text and answer the multiple choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

PTE Exam: Building your own home is one of the most important decisions one can ever take in his lifetime. It implies a lot of courage, patience and eagerness. It is not an easy process, it requires plenty of time and envisioning all the things that build up your house, brick by brick.

When building a custom of home, the process is not a linear one and there a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. In the graphic, the construction process itself is the easiest one, although it takes the longest to complete.

For example, some people purchase the land first, others go directly to an architect for the construction plan; other enthusiasts start building the house and before reaching the end, they realize they have no more finances for construction completion. Rushing into this big process is not the best solution one can opt for.

First of all, take a look and have a general view of what you get into. Get very organized and make a general plan. Financing is extremely important so, before you decide to start constructing your own custom home, get acquainted with all financing possibilities, all they involve and how you are going to pay back the loan.

What important thing that you need to decide before you start constructing your home?
A. An open house is a great way to actually meet the perfect buyer for your property
B. Receive home staging touches to make the minds of home buyers imagine the household
C. Potential buyers can come and view your property is one of the biggest steps in selling your home.
D. Get acquainted with all financing possibilities.

D. Get acquainted with all financing possibilities.

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