PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks Sample 2

PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks:

PTE Zone: Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks Samples with Options and Answers

Below is a text with blanks. Click on each blank, a list of choices will appear. Select the appropriate answer choice for each blank.

Carpet can change the decor of the room and affect the interior designing of the (1) ____________. Different carpets can alter the normal way a room appears, for example if you decide to use a lighter carpet in your room it can make your room look bigger, while if you decide to use colored or (2) _____________ carpet it can make your room appear more colorful.

When you wish to sell your house, one of the ways to improve its appearance is by using a carpet, if you install new carpet is going to (3) _____________ how your room is going to appear.

Bur when you wish to do this, you need to involve the services of the specialist, a specialist will ensure that you carpet is well installed especially if it’s a cheap carpet and it must be installed using the right tools.

When you need to get appealing work then you have to use tools such as the knee kickers do that you can be able to get (4) ___________ work done.

Installing it in the house is hard especially if the house is of complicated design hence cutting the carpet should be one using a lot of caution to reduce wastes and furthermore (5) ____________ of carpets on the stair cases is not an easy task.

When you get an expert, first he will advice you how long the carpet you are buying should be, of what design it should be so that it can complement the room an how thick it should be.

They can easily give you the best finish for your house by the use of gripper bars and threshold bars to ensure you get a beautiful finish.

1. Room              Carpets            Specialist                  Tools                      Complement
2. Change           Expert               Wastes                      Patterned              Design
3. Change           Room                StairCase                  Installation            House
4. Services         Quality           KneeKickers                 Carpet                    Bars
5. Complement Room Design Carpet Installation

1. Room
2. Patterned
3. Change
4. Quality
5. Installation

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