PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks Sample 3

PTE Zone: Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks Samples with Options and Answers

Below is a text with blanks. Click on each blank, a list of choices will appear. Select the appropriate answer choice for each blank.

There are numerous different animator careers that budding young artists can go into, but the one common trait for most of the jobs in this (1) _______________ today is the use of computer technology. While there are still some animation jobs that rely on pencil and paper, they are becoming scarcer by the minute. Of course, you could always try your luck at becoming a (2) ______________ and getting books published, or even making it big with a newspaper comic strip, but if you want to work in film, television or advertising where most of the jobs are, you have to know computers.
Students have many opportunities to get the training they need for (3) ____________ careers at colleges and universities since schools started developing animation course in the 1980s. Nowadays, the courses will include lessons on 2D and 3D (4) ____________, 3D modeling, 3D set construction, cell animation, character animation, computer graphics, drawing, film theory, interactive animation, multimedia, production processes, and sound and studio practice. Students must have some natural talents and skills to truly excel in these (5) _____________, as well as have the ability to keep up with the latest high-tech hardware and software that the schools will require.

1. Character             Animation          Programs              Field                Processes
2. Cartoonist           Universities        Colleges                Software         Schools
3. Opportunities     Trait                      Practice                Artists             Animator
4. Field                     Character            Animation            Cartoonist       Programs
5. Programs            Skills                    Hardware             Studio              Multimedia

1. Field
2. Cartoonist
3. Animator
4. Animation
5. Programs

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