PTE Write Essay Task Sample 53

PTE Write Essay Task:

You will have 20 minutes to plan, write and revise an essay about the topic below. Your response will be judged on how well you develop a position, organize your ideas, present supporting details, and control the elements of standard written English. You should write 200-300 words.

PTE Write Essay Sample – Free PTE Essay Writing Sample Answer

Sample Question: “Should the voting age be lowered to 16?”

Answer: The topic of lowering the voting age to 16 is a subject of ongoing discussion. While some argue that 16-year-olds possess the maturity and knowledge necessary to make informed political decisions, others believe that the voting age should remain at 18, considering factors such as cognitive development and legal responsibilities.

Advocates for lowering the voting age argue that 16-year-olds are affected by political decisions and should have a say in shaping their future. They contend that young people at this age are engaged, politically aware, and capable of making informed choices.

Lowering the voting age can also encourage civic participation from an early age, fostering a sense of responsibility and empowering young individuals to have a voice in the democratic process.

However, critics argue that 16-year-olds may not have sufficient life experience or fully developed cognitive abilities to understand complex political issues. They assert that adulthood and legal responsibilities, such as driving and paying taxes, are typically associated with turning 18, making it a more appropriate age for voting. They also express concerns about the potential influence of adults or external pressures on the voting decisions of younger individuals.

Finding a balance between inclusion and ensuring informed decision-making is crucial. Implementing comprehensive civic education programs in schools can help equip young people with the necessary knowledge and critical thinking skills to engage meaningfully in the democratic process.

It can also provide a platform for dialogue and the exchange of diverse perspectives, preparing young individuals to make informed decisions when they reach voting age.

In conclusion, the question of whether the voting age should be lowered to 16 is a complex one. It involves weighing the capacity of young individuals to participate in the political process against considerations of cognitive development and legal responsibilities.

By prioritizing civic education and creating opportunities for youth engagement, we can empower young people to become informed and active citizens, regardless of the voting age.

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