PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks Sample 6

PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks:

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Banner exchange is a concept which is extremely (1) ___________________ for those who are low on budget. Suppose there are two websites A and B. So what people do in the concept of banner exchange is; the owners of website A and B sign a contract. According to the contract, the owner of website A can place a banner ad on website B and the owner of website B can place a banner on website A. This way; it becomes easy to target the (2) ____________ and if the audience are interested, they will definitely buy your products.

This concept is affordable as you don’t have to pay anything to place the banner ads. Both the owners are getting benefits. On the other hand if you just opt to place banner ads here and there, then you have to buy advertising (3) ____________ which is a costly option. So exchanging banners is quite an affordable method.

Also placing banner ads can make you start affiliate marketing (4) ____________. In this method of advertising there is an affiliate who builds a website to place the ads of different website owner. Suppose the owner of website A places the ad in affiliate’s website. Whenever somebody visits the affiliate website, clicks the ad and purchases the (5) ____________, the affiliate gets some commission. This way; it attracts the audience. To keep a track of performance of the ad in the website there is a code embedded in the ad. This code counts the number of clicks on the ad.

contract          affordable               beneficial                  exchanging              embedded
audience         interested               affiliate                      track                          performance
marketing       product                   campaign                  affordable                space
campaign       commission           affiliate                      audience                  method
beneficial       affordable              performance             commission            product


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