PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks Sample 7

PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks:

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Sometimes, selling your property can be a very hard decision because you consider your property as part of your life. Lots of unforgettable memories as well as valuable (1) ____________ are kept there. But in case you and your family need to move out and transfer to another place, of course you don’t want to sell your property because of the reason above. So, you may end up to the choice of renting out your property. With this, you can still own your property and the good thing is that you have a monthly (2) _______________.

However, once you have already decided to rent your property the first thing you need to consider is finding tenants. Thinking about tenant is another great (3) ____________ that you must focus best especially if you are just starting to rent your property. So, brace yourself and relax because we have made some tips for you that could help you to become a good landlord and investor.

Firstly, you must think that you are now a landlord. As a landlord or the owner of the house, you must have the knowledge about your rights and (4) _______________. This is very essential not just for your relationship with your tenants but also for the maintenance of your good reputation and financial transaction. In case that you have a tenant that is very irresponsible and unbiased of course you will not allow yourself to be inferior to him or her.

Remember that being a landlord is not an easy job. You will also pretend as a disciplinarian as well as an authoritarian. You want to maintain the peace and order in your property and the only way to achieve this is trough (5) ______________ of rules and regulations. With this, you can assure that your property is in good condition.

transfer            transaction            relationship               times               disciplinarian
income            maintain                 memories                  essential          tenant
transfer            property                 challenge                   landlord           investor
relationship     transfer                  maintain                    tenant               limitations
implementation       condition      property                     income             transfer


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