PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks Sample 9

PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks:

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Many long-term care insurance providers recommend that you consider insuring yourself against the (1) _______________ need for long-term care once you reach 40 years of age with the argument being that the older you get the higher the monthly insurance premiums and the greater the risk of finding yourself in a position whereby your health (2) ______________ and you are considered too greater risk for long-term health insurance.

If you look at the cost of long-term care insurance it’s widely known that insurance providers need to recover at least the same amount in (3) ______________ no matter how old you are when you seek insurance cover. The odds are that taking out long-term care insurance when you are 60 instead of 50 will mean that the overall cost will be greater.

There are several main factors to consider when (4) _____________ with the decision as to whether or not you should (5) ___________ in your future through long-term care insurance.

Insurance          Recover          Future          Possible          Care
Deteriorates     Premiums       Position       Argument        Risk
Invest                Insurance        Care             Recover           Premiums
Faced                Recommend   Cover           Amount          Deteriorates
Insurance        Future               Invest          Premiums        Position


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