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There are any number of situations in which a person might find themselves in need of a way to transport a variety of tools and _________________ on a regular basis. This is particularly true for people who work in fields such as electrical contracting, plumbing installation and repairs, various forms of construction, farming, and commercial or residential painting. Utility vehicles provide such a method with the added benefit of being easily customized.

These vehicles are actually modified trucks that are designed to make it more ______________ and easier for people too carry the necessary equipment they need for jobs that require mobility. There is a huge variety of ______________ that can be added to them in order to customize their functionality. A person need add only those that items that they will find beneficial to their particular purpose.

The entire customizing process begins with the tray, also known as the cargo ______________. On a utility vehicle, it replaces the traditional pickup bed with a flat surface that sits above the wheels instead of between them. This maximizes the area on which one may add additional accessories, or transport _____________________.

Quite often, a person may choose to add siding and a tailgate to their tray, which can be dropped down for easier access.

Vehicles Designed Equipment Plumbing Customized Carry Surface Efficient Functionality Accessories Modified Space Tailgate Materials Vehicle

Equipment Efficient Accessories Space Materials

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