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You can sense your environment in many ways. You can use your physical ___________ the part of your brain that receives and processes information sent back from the “sense-organ-antennae/receptors” – and you can use other senses to pick-up on people’s __________ , or impending danger, and other future _________ that aren’t immediately available to your physical senses. We’ve all picked-up the telephone, for instance, and the person we were going to call was already on the line trying to call us. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to make practical use out of those things we pick-up through our more “subtle” sensory abilities.

Those sensations we get that tell us to not get on a particular ___________ , or not to get in the car with someone, or when something bad is about to happen, or when someone’s mood has shifted, are often called “extra-sensory” perceptions because they cannot be perceived through the physical senses. Everyone has these abilities; though most do not have ready, easy access to them, or reliable _____________ , or control, over them – and most people simply don’t practice with the determination we, as babies, practiced seeing and speaking and ___________, for instance. Thus, people remain largely uninformed and frightened by some of their most natural and most powerful _______________ – and unable to control or utilize them.

airplane              command                     walking              moods               abilities                 possibilities       Senses

Senses, moods, possibilities, airplane, command, walking, abilities

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