PTE Reading Multiple-Choice, Multiple Answers Sample 5

PTE Reading Multiple-Choice:

Read the text and answer the multiple choice question by selecting all the correct responses. You will need to select more than one response.

Gone are the days when wireless emailing solutions were confined only to the high class and big business owners and executives. Wireless emailing solutions is going through a massive revolution and is fast coming in to the reach of one and all; from general consumers to small business owners, small shop owners etc. The wireless emailing devices are also going through great changes and are adding extra functionality and making itself into a more user friendly device. In fact wireless emailing solutions is witnessing a 100 percent growth year after year and in the coming years it is expected to grow at an even higher rate.

Changes in market dynamics: markets are flooded with wireless email devices and mobile devices which are simpler and easier to use and less expensive. Increasing availability to the consumers and careful planning regarding that can result into a cost effective enterprise deployment.

Enhancement in technologies: a huge collection of new email centered mobile devices; mobile support services and the increasing range of white label platforms available for operators are all increasing the use of wireless emailing solutions.

Tackling the challenge of balancing security and manageability of wireless emailing system is again the key factor in enhancing the popularity of this system.

Another huge reason why wireless email solutions are growing at a rapid pace is the change of attitude of general users and even small business owners. Nowadays most users are much more open to adapting new technology in their day to day lives as compared to a few years ago. It is not just the teenagers and young adults who are bringing in this change of attitude. Most small business owners have also realized the importance of adapting the latest technologies in order to survive in the highly competitive business world.

What do wireless emailing devices do?
A. Enhancement in technologies
B. Add extra functionality
C. Much more user friendly
D. Not Good for small business owners

B. Add extra functionality
C. Much more user friendly


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