PTE Summarize Written Text Task Sample 142

Indian Culture

Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

Indian culture and traditions are deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of history, diversity, and values that define the nation. India, known for its unity in diversity, boasts a cultural heritage that spans thousands of years, shaping the way of life for its people.

One of the defining aspects of Indian culture is its diversity, evident in the multitude of languages, religions, customs, and traditions that coexist harmoniously. This diversity is celebrated in various festivals, where people come together to commemorate religious, cultural, and seasonal events with vibrant colors, music, dance, and food.

Religious diversity is a hallmark of Indian culture, with Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, and other faiths coexisting and influencing one another. This diversity is reflected in the myriad temples, mosques, churches, and gurudwaras that dot the landscape, each contributing to the spiritual and cultural mosaic.

Traditional art forms like classical dance, music, and painting have flourished for centuries, carrying the legacy of skilled artisans and performers. Indian literature, with ancient texts like the Vedas and epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata, has contributed to the world’s literary heritage.

Family values and social bonds are integral to Indian culture, with respect for elders, hospitality, and communal harmony being emphasized. The joint family system, though evolving, still plays a significant role in preserving these values.

In conclusion, Indian culture and traditions are a vibrant tapestry, woven with the threads of diversity, spirituality, art, and familial bonds. Despite the modern influences, the essence of Indian culture continues to thrive, fostering a unique identity that resonates across the globe.


Indian culture, deeply rooted in history, diversity, and values, celebrates unity in diversity through various languages, religions, festivals, and traditional art forms, reflecting a vibrant tapestry that encompasses familial bonds, spirituality, and a unique identity.