PTE Summarize Written Text Task Sample 168

Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

Childhood Memories 

Childhood memories are like treasures, woven into the fabric of our existence. They are the snapshots of our early years, filled with innocence, wonder, and boundless imagination. These recollections hold a special place in our hearts, shaping the foundation of who we are.

The laughter of carefree days spent playing with friends, the warmth of a grandmother’s embrace, and the thrill of discovering the world for the first time – these moments create a tapestry of nostalgia that accompanies us throughout life. From the taste of a favorite treat to the scent of a familiar place, childhood memories are a sensory symphony that transcends time.

In the sanctuary of childhood, every experience is an adventure. The simple joys of chasing butterflies, building sandcastles, or getting lost in a good book create a mosaic of happiness that lingers in our minds. As we grow older, these memories become a refuge, offering solace in times of adversity.

Childhood memories are not just fragments of the past; they are the essence of our identity. They remind us of the joy of living in the moment, the power of resilience, and the beauty of a world seen through the eyes of a child. In the tapestry of life, childhood memories are the threads that weave a story of love, growth, and the enduring magic of innocence.


Childhood memories, filled with innocence and wonder, create a nostalgic tapestry that shapes our identity, offering solace and reminding us of the enduring magic of innocence as we navigate the journey of life.