PTE Summarize Written Text Task Sample 187

Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

Violence against women

The safety of women in India remains a pressing and multifaceted concern, drawing attention to issues such as gender-based violence, harassment, and discrimination. Despite legislative measures and awareness campaigns, the challenges persist, highlighting the need for a comprehensive and sustained effort to address this societal issue.

Violence against women, including sexual assault and domestic abuse, continues to be a pervasive problem. High-profile cases have sparked public outrage, leading to calls for stricter laws and improved law enforcement. While legal reforms are essential, a cultural shift is equally crucial to challenge deeply ingrained gender norms and attitudes.

Public spaces, including streets and public transportation, pose safety challenges for women. Instances of harassment and assault often deter women from fully participating in social and economic activities. Improved urban planning, enhanced law enforcement presence, and awareness campaigns are essential components in creating safer public spaces.

Workplaces also present safety concerns, with issues ranging from sexual harassment to gender-based discrimination. Implementation of stringent workplace policies, awareness programs, and mechanisms for reporting and addressing grievances are imperative to foster a safe and inclusive work environment.

Empowering women through education, economic opportunities, and community support is integral to enhancing their safety. Educational initiatives that promote gender equality and challenge stereotypes contribute to changing societal perceptions.

In conclusion, ensuring the safety of women in India requires a holistic approach that combines legal measures, cultural transformation, and socio-economic empowerment. It demands collective efforts from the government, civil society, and individuals to create an environment where women can live, work, and thrive without fear of violence or discrimination.


Ensuring the safety of women in India demands a comprehensive approach, encompassing legal reforms, cultural transformation, improved public spaces, workplace policies, and empowerment through education and economic opportunities, requiring collective efforts from the government, civil society, and individuals.