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Tips for improving your speaking skills in PTE

Tips for improving your speaking skills in PTE

Tips for improving your speaking skills in PTE: The PTE examination’s first section comprises Speaking and Writing assignments. One of the most challenging aspects of this test is maintaining concentration and speaking without hesitation or pronunciation errors.

To achieve oral fluency on the PTE, you, as the examinee, must maintain composure and avoid losing concentration. To improve your PTE Speaking score, it is essential to practice this section if you are anxious about it routinely. This will help you gradually gain confidence and keep your composure.

This article will discuss five ways to enhance your PTE speaking score. To make your life easier, we have outlined five fundamental things you can do, five out-of-the-box things you can do, and five things you must avoid to achieve a score of 90+ on the PTE.

PTE Exam Structure:

First and foremost, it is essential to comprehend the exam structure. You must understand that your Speaking, Reading, and Listening skills will be evaluated in Part 1.

The categories of questions in Part I include:

  1. Read Aloud
  2. Iterate Sentence
  3. Describe Picture
  4. Re-tell lecture
  5. Answer brief questions

Some basic things to do to improve your PTE speech

Read aloud, repeating sentences, describing images, retelling lectures, and answering brief questions are the primary questions in Part 1 that contribute to the speaking portion of your exam. These queries have allocated time for each question individually. (between 25-40 seconds).

There are five fundamental things that you must always consider. Include the following in your memory:

Five PTE Speaking Tips For A Score Of 90

  • Let’s discuss some general characteristics that will help you improve your speaking skills rapidly.
  • Focus on oral fluency by speaking with a pleasant flow and a natural tempo; avoid speaking too quickly or too slowly.
  • Avoid pauses and unnatural hesitance, ensuring you are not prolonging your words and using ‘uh’ and ‘um’ excessively. It is essential to refrain from pausing in the middle of a sentence if you have made a mistake and to continue speaking normally.
  • Ensure that you do not overuse terms such as “because,” “for instance,” and “like.”
  • Instead of speaking with a forced dialect that you won’t be able to maintain throughout the exam, attempt to speak with your natural accent.

This will help you evaluate your normal speaking patterns. Recent technological advances allow you to record your voice on your phone or computer. You should utilize this

Innovative Ways to Improve Your PTE Speaking 

For students who are willing to think outside the box and who are truly committed to improving their speaking skills, here are six unconventional ways to gradually and steadily improve your English-speaking abilities.

  • Frequent radio/podcast listening
  • View the news and highly rated television programs.
  • Join a local organization or society to interact with more locals.
  • Get a membership to the local library Contact for more information.

Things to avoid to improve your PTE speaking skills

Lastly, there are numerous aspects of the PTE exam in which you must avoid certain actions to ensure that you are utilising your skills to the fullest extent and achieving optimal results.

Here is a list of items you must avoid achieving a speaking score of 90.

  • Ensure that you speak slowly; the faster you speak, the more likely you are to fumble and make errors unintentionally.
  • Ensure you are not self-correcting, as there is no purpose in doing so during the PTE exam. If you make a mistake, remember that you are being recorded on a computer, so maintain your composure and continue with a natural flow.
  • Ensure you are not introducing additional content in Tasks such as Read Aloud and Repeat Sentence. It is simple to speak incorrectly or add an “a” or “an” without realizing it. It is important that you avoid making such mistakes.
  • Ensure that you are not rolling or mumbling your words, as the computer may not recognize words that you unconsciously join or even pronounce together. It is essential to communicate clearly and distinctly into the microphone.
  • Avoid using extraneous words such as ‘ah,’ ‘um,’ and ‘like’ to prolong your speech. This needs to be more professional and will lower your score for fluency.

Comprehending the necessary speaking skills is essential to perform well on this exam. Only then will it be simple for you to pass this examination.


  1. To improve PTE speaking skills, practice regularly and focus on oral fluency, avoiding pauses and unnatural hesitance.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the exam structure and the types of questions asked in Part 1, including Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Picture, Re-tell lecture, and Answer brief questions.
  3. Avoid common mistakes such as speaking too quickly, self-correcting, introducing additional content, mumbling words, and using extraneous words such as “ah” and “um.”
  4. Innovative ways to improve PTE speaking include frequent listening to radio/podcasts, watching news and highly rated TV programs, joining a local organization to interact with more locals, and getting a library membership.
  5. Record your voice to evaluate your natural speaking patterns and maintain your normal accent instead of forcing a dialect that you cannot maintain throughout the exam.
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