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Top 5 books for PTE Exam Preparation

Top 5 Books for PTE Exam Preparation

Top 5 Books for PTE Exam Preparation: PTE or Pearson Test of English is a computer-based English language test undertaken by international students who are planning to study abroad or immigrate to a major English-speaking country, it basically tests your reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills in a single, 2-hour computer-based test.

It has three parts:-

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking & Writing

You definitely need to prepare yourself, if you want to score well overall. 

In this article, we will talk about PTE exam preparation. No doubt, there are plenty of books for PTE exam preparation.

In this article, we will talk about the top 5 books for PTE preparation that will help you to focus on preparation and excel in your exam.

The exam is one of the English language assessment tests that foreign students can take to obtain a place at their desired universities.

However it isn’t as known as other tests like TOEFL and IELTS, PTE is gaining a reputation & is widely accepted by the majority of universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the USA and Canada, PTE Academic is becoming more widely authorized, but it is not commonplace utterly yet.

Let’s talk about some of the most popular PTE academic books & preparation material, and some recommendations for the best ones out there.

These include:-

1. The Official Guide to PTE Academic

There is no better place to start when talking about the best PTE preparation books than the OFFICIAL GUIDE TO PTE ACADEMIC.

It provides a general commencement and information about the whole exam, from scoring failures to academic term definitions to skill-raising exercises, especially for PTE test preparation. There are a number of FREE SAMPLES to practice for all 4 sections.

The book also comes with admittance to hundreds of online questions and their accurate sample answers! 

2. Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2

Another more demanding PTE preparation book for those who are at a B1 or B2 level, this textbook carries a lot more higher level problems that are probably to come to pop up in the exam as such.

Though it contains a lot of the same ground as the official guide (above-mentioned book), it also involves a lot of helpful action plans for scoring high in your exam as you desire.

Also, it gives you entrance to Pearson’s “My English Lab”, which is a really helpful online learning entrance.

3. PTE Academic Practice Test Plus:– Vol. 1 & 2

Both books have the same theme, so we have put them together without wasting words and your time.

The PTE Academic Practice Test Plus is entirely what it says on the cover – a gold mine of real past exam questions, presenting access to the whole recorded study material for listening tasks.

There are many score guides, accurate answer keys, as well as sample answers with examiner comments too!!

4. Wiley’s PTE Advantage For The Academic Module

Wiley’s is the best option to excel in your PTE exam. It is written with more of a focus on helping Indian students with the PTE exam to focus on their preparation and score high!!

It is beautifully structured and very easy to pursue. It includes tons of useful tips, practice sample questions and answers, and also the format of the exam itself.

And you know what’s the best thing? This book comes along with access to a free online PTE academic test, as well as 3 practice mock tests with answers for your reference.

5. PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 

Improving your vocabulary is always the best way of securing a higher PTE test score!!

With so many words in this world, it would be a prominent idea to check out the official vocabulary you may come across and be influenced with.

This useful PTE preparation book is loaded with the most dominant words that you need to know too, fortunately, complete your speaking and writing part of PTE Academic.

Good Luck!!

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