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Ways to improve your PTE listening skills

Ways to improve your PTE listening skills

Ways to improve your PTE listening skills: Most people find the PTE listening piece to be the most difficult part of the whole test. In this day and age, when there are so many distractions and people have short attention spans, many people have learned to “fake listen.” But as you start to prepare for the PTE, it’s time to trade this trait for good listening skills that you can use with other people.

Before we talk about the best ways to improve your PTE English listening skills, let’s take a quick look at the PTE Listening part. It will give you a broad idea of how to plan your studying and what kinds of questions you can expect. You should also practice for your PTE Test with FREE PTE SAMPLES

Items Task Number of Items Prompt length
Summarise Spoken text Listen to the audio clip and write a 50-70-word summary of it. 1 – 2 60-90 seconds
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers Listen to the music and choose as many of the right answers as you can see on the screen. 1 – 2 40-90 seconds
Fill in the blanks Listen to the audio and fill in the blanks by writing the word that fits the transcription on the screen. 2 – 3 30-60 seconds
Highlight correct summary Choose the right description on the screen based on what you hear. 1 – 2 30-90 seconds
Multiple-choice, choose single answer Listen to the audio and select the single correct option 1 – 2 30-60 seconds
Select missing word Choose the missing word from the list to hear the rest of the recording. 1 – 2 30-60 seconds
Highlight incorrect words Choose the word in the written translation that is different from what was said in the audio clip. 2 – 3 20-70 seconds
Write from dictation Listen and write down what you hear in the answer box. 3 – 4 3-5 seconds

Here are a few things to consider:

  • To get the best score on the PTE listening part, you need to use both your reading and writing skills.
  • Before the music starts, you will have 7 to 10 seconds to read.
  • You only have a certain amount of time, so you have to pay attention when the music plays and answer quickly.
  • The tips below will help you figure out how to improve your English listening skills for the PTE.

Pay attention

We’ve talked about how important it is to listen carefully if you want to do well on the PTE Listening test. How can you do that, though? It can be hard to just start paying attention when someone is talking, so it’s best to start slowly.

You can start by watching English- and non-English-subtitled videos. It’s best to watch without words so you can pay attention.You should listen to podcasts that are about the things that interest you. You can also watch movies or listen to audio lessons as you prepare for the PTE.

If you want to learn from these lessons, you’ll have to pay more attention. You should also make it a habit to take notes when you watch or listen to something.

Ways to improve your PTE listening skills
Ways to improve your PTE listening skills

Take notes on computer 

If you want to take notes, it would be best if you used a computer. As we saw in the above PTE Listening paper pattern, your English listening and writing skills are tested together. You listen to the recording and then type in the answer. You don’t have much time to answer. During your test, you will have to write down notes as you listen to the audio, and then you will have to type up your answers. So, the best way to prepare for the PTE is to start doing this process of listening and taking notes on the computer as soon as possible.

Take a little time after each answer

If you don’t know how to handle your time, PTE listening tips won’t help you. At the end of each answer, you need a few seconds to look it over and make any necessary changes. In the few seconds or minutes, you have to answer, you have to listen to the questions, figure out what they mean, answer them, and then go back and check your answer.

You can use the PTE Academic Official Practice App to take mock tests if you want to. This app helps you learn by giving you practice tests, mock tests, and live classes, among other things. It will not only help you learn, but it will also give you a taste of the PTE test and teach you how to handle your time and listen better.

Look at the small things

When you listen to music, make it a habit to pay close attention to the details. The recording’s keywords are just as important as the names and tenses that are used in it. When you think about these small but important parts of words, your answers are more accurate and sound.

You can prepare for the PTE Listening part very well if you use Pearson’s official coursebooks and online and offline practice tests together. Your new skills will also help you get better at listening in general.


  1. The PTE Listening test is considered to be the most challenging part of the PTE test.
  2. To improve listening skills for the PTE, one should start by paying close attention, taking notes, and practising with a computer.
  3. Watching subtitled videos and listening to podcasts on topics of interest can also help improve English listening skills.
  4. It is crucial to managing time efficiently during the PTE Listening test to have enough time to check answers and make necessary changes.
  5. Focusing on small details and keywords while listening to audio can lead to more accurate answers.

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