The PTE General exam consists of several key sections, each designed to assess specific language skills. Here are the main sections of the exam and the skills they assess:

  1. Reading: This section evaluates candidates’ ability to understand written English texts. Test-takers are presented with a variety of reading passages, such as newspaper articles, advertisements, letters, or short stories. Tasks may include multiple-choice questions, matching headings to paragraphs, completing sentences, or filling in gaps with appropriate words. The reading section assesses skills such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, and understanding of written discourse structures.
  1. Writing: In the writing section, candidates demonstrate their ability to produce written English. Tasks may include writing a letter, an email, a report, or a short essay on a given topic. Test-takers are assessed on their ability to organize ideas coherently, use appropriate vocabulary and grammar, and convey information effectively. The writing section evaluates skills such as writing fluency, coherence, accuracy, and proficiency in grammar and vocabulary usage.
  1. Listening: This section assesses candidates’ listening comprehension skills. Test-takers listen to audio recordings of conversations, interviews, lectures, or monologues and answer questions based on the information they hear. Tasks may include multiple-choice questions, sentence completion, or note-taking exercises. The listening section evaluates skills such as listening comprehension, understanding of spoken English, and ability to identify key information and details.
  1. Speaking: In the speaking section, candidates demonstrate their ability to communicate verbally in English. Test-takers may be asked to engage in tasks such as describing pictures, giving short speeches, participating in role-plays, or responding to questions orally. Their spoken English is evaluated based on factors such as pronunciation, fluency, coherence, and vocabulary usage. The speaking section assesses skills such as speaking fluency, pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary usage, and ability to communicate effectively in spoken English.

Overall, each section of the PTE General exam is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of candidates’ language proficiency across all four key areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The exam aims to evaluate candidates’ ability to understand and use English effectively in various real-life situations, covering a range of topics and communicative tasks.