What types of questions come in the PTE General exam?

In the PTE General exam, test-takers can expect a variety of question types across the four main sections: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Here’s a general overview of the types of questions you may encounter in each section:

  1. Reading Section:

– Multiple-choice questions: Test-takers select the correct answer from multiple options provided.

– Matching: Test-takers match headings to paragraphs or match information to categories.

– Sentence completion: Test-takers complete sentences with the appropriate word or phrase.

– Gap-fill: Test-takers fill in the gaps in a text with the correct words or phrases.

  1. Writing Section:

– Letter/email writing: Test-takers write a formal or informal letter or email based on a given scenario.

– Essay writing: Test-takers write an essay expressing their opinion on a given topic or discussing a specific issue.

– Report writing: Test-takers write a report based on a set of data or information provided.

  1. Listening Section:

– Multiple-choice questions: Test-takers select the correct answer from options provided based on what they hear.

– Note-taking: Test-takers listen to a recording and take notes to answer questions or summarize information.

– Fill-in-the-blanks: Test-takers fill in missing words or phrases in a transcript of the recording.

– Matching: Test-takers match information or descriptions to speakers or topics in the recording.

  1. Speaking Section:

– Picture description: Test-takers describe a given picture or image, providing details and expressing opinions.

– Short speech: Test-takers give a short speech on a given topic, expressing their thoughts and ideas.

– Role-play: Test-takers engage in a simulated conversation or role-play scenario with the examiner or another test-taker.

– Answering questions: Test-takers respond to questions asked by the examiner, providing detailed answers and explanations.

It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the format of the exam and practice with sample questions to prepare effectively.