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Which test would be easier: IELTS or PTE

Which test would be easier: IELTS or PTE

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IELTS or PTE: Students are required to take both tests who are interested in studying abroad. Both tests are equally essential. PTE and IELTS are very important for those who want to study abroad or migrate. These are the most recognized English proficiency tests all around the world.

You have to give English proficiency tests such as IELTS and PTE, to study abroad. You can never study abroad without giving these tests. Many students are confused about which test to take because most institutions accept any of these tests.


If you talk about IELTS, it is one of the best English proficiency tests out there. Around 10,000 institutes and immigration bodies accept IELTS. More than 3 million people took the IELTS exam in 2018 and the holistic nature of the IELTS test is the reason why it is more widely accepted by everyone.

Listening, reading, writing, and speaking are the four sections it consists of. Listening, reading, and writing tests are conducted on the same day and the speaking is conducted after or before the listening, writing, and reading test.

IELTS has many advantages: Developing English language skills, accurate knowledge of your English skills, vast career opportunities, needed for all steps and stages of your life, fulfilling future goals in life, etc.

It also has many disadvantages. This includes face-to-face speaking assessments that are stressful for many students, therefore many prefer to speak into a microphone, candidates have to set up two days to take the test because the speaking test is conducted on a different day, for many students, the IELTS writing test is a more difficult test than another test.


PTE is an internationally accepted English language proficiency test that is used for student applications and immigration visas and more. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) scoring. It offers objectivity and a quicker turnaround time for results as compared to other tests out there.

It has many advantages which include global acceptance, quick exam results, fair scoring, no ambiguous questions, etc. It also has many disadvantages.

Which includes it is still not accepted at many large universities because PTE is new in comparison to the IETLS, a heavy accent may result in a low score because the speaking test is graded by a machine, and the recording for PTE listening can be difficult to comprehend because they use real lectures in English.

Which test would be easier: IELTS or PTE


PTE computer tests include everything from multiple-choice questions to essay writing and reading etc and it also includes the option of speaking your answers into a headset and many more.

It’s similar to taking an online test. PTE will be developed by Pearson in 2019. Many universities all around the world such as Harvard business school accept PTE academics. Its price is Rs. 13,300.

In Australia, it is valid for 2 years for academic purposes and valid for 3 years for immigration purposes. Results come in 5 working days, mostly in 24 hours. It is assessed by artificial intelligence. Preparation material includes a mock test with the same Artificial Intelligence that assesses your real test.

PTE score table:

Skill Level PTE IELTS
Expert 89-90 9
Very Good 83-85 8.5
Very Good 74-84 8
Good 73-77 7.5
Good 64-72 7
Competent 58-63 6.5
Competent 50-57 6
Modest 42-49 5.5

IELTS was developed by the British Council and Cambridge in 1989. Many organizations in more than 140 countries accept IELTS, and these include government departments and immigration authorities, universities, schools, colleges and training organizations and many more.

Computer-delivered IELTS INR 14,700Paper-based IELTS INR 14,700. Test Report Forms are valid for two years. It is paper-based and computer-based.

About the result: Paper-based test (13 days) and computer-based test (5 days). It is assessed by examiners. There is no official mock test available. Only a practice test is available with answers.

Skill Level IELTS
Expert 9
Very Good 8.5
Very Good 8
Good 7.5
Good 7
Competent 6.5
Competent 6
Modest 5.5

Test Fairness:

If we talk about PTE, it has created its proprietary automated software for PTE assessment, test takers are less stressed/anxious Because no one is judging their performance while they are trying to answer, and there is no scope for human bias.

On the other hand, if we talk about the IELTS encourages test-takers to respond to a simulated real-life situation, test-takers communicate with people, not computers, and their tasks are graded by specialized human examiners.


Both tests are the most chosen test for immigration or for studying abroad worldwide. Both have many advantages and disadvantages. In many cases, both are similar, and both are different too.

Both require hard work and effort. You have to practice more to get good results. Nowadays, PTE is gaining more importance as PTE is done through AI, and there is no interviewer.

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