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Australia 476 work visa in 2023

Australia 476 work visa in 2023

Australia 476 work visa in 2023: The Australian government has created a special program for recent engineering graduates from select universities, allowing them to reside and work in Australia on a temporary visa for 18 months. After 18 months (or 12 months of labour), you can apply for a skilled visa in Australia. This visa is known as the Subclass 476 Visa.

However, procuring an Australian visa is time-consuming and requires submitting numerous documents, such as a copy of your passport, an IELTS certificate, etc. Obtaining some of these documents from universities/colleges may take weeks or months.

What is Australia’s subclass 476 (Skilled—Recognized Graduate) visa?

Engineers from select universities are granted a temporary 18-month visa that allows them to reside, work, and study in Australia. After 18 months (or 12 months of employment), you are eligible to apply for a skilled visa in Australia.

Australia 476 work visa:

What are the criteria for eligibility for visa subclass 476?

The minimum visa requirements for Australia visa 476 are as follows:

  • You must be under 31 years old.
  • Bachelor’s degree (Engineering) earned within the past two years.
  • You should earn your degree from a reputable university.
  • You must satisfy the requirements for health and character.
  • You must be able to pass the English proficiency exam (IELTS/PTE/TOFEL).

What are the visa processing timeframes for Australia?

The Australian Embassy lists the processing time as 10-12 months, but if you can demonstrate your eligibility through documentation, you will likely receive the visa sooner than a year.

What are the fees associated with a Skilled—Recognized Graduate visa?

The cost of a 476 visa for the primary applicant is AUD 405. Additionally, you must pay an additional fee for each dependent.

Can family members accompany you on this visa?

Australia recognises that family is an essential component. There are several instances in which petitioners abandon their immigration applications due to the complexity of family immigration issues.

While the subclass visa is typically intended for engineering graduates with sufficient work experience or those intending to study in the country, the subclass 476 visa allows you to include your family.

However, certain family members can be included on this visa, such as your spouse and your partner’s child or stepchild.

How do you demonstrate English proficiency for a subclass 476 visa?

Australia, unlike Canada, permits multiple language tests for immigration. Because English is the business vernacular in Australia, passing the English language tests is crucial.

In most nations, the IELTS is the determining factor for language test qualification.

There are three significant reasons why you should take the IELTS exam.

  • The first is the most important, concerning migration to countries such as Australia. This will serve as the primary evidence of English proficiency.
  • Second, if you intend to pursue further education, some institutions recognize IELTS as evidence that you have received English proficiency training.
  • The third is for engineering graduates seeking employment in Australia. Your examination will measure your communication skills and command of the English language.
  • IELTS requires a minimum score of 5 in each band and a total score of 6 to pass.
  • For the OET, each test ensemble must be passed with a grade of B.
  • You must obtain a minimum aggregate score of 169 and 154 on the four Cambridge English exams.
  • Get 50 points, with a minimum of 36 in each band.
  • The minimum TOEFL IBT score is 64 points, with 4 points in reading and listening, 14 points in writing and speaking, and 14 points in speaking.

Does the subclass 476 visa grant permanent residency eligibility in Australia?

If you are pondering how to become a permanent resident of Australia with a Subclass 476 visa, the answer is provided below.

  • Complete a degree in engineering from a reputable university.
  • Try an English language evaluation.
  • Check your visa qualifications.
  • Begin the application process online.
  • Submit the necessary documentation.
  • Pay the required fee.
  • Until your visa application is verified and authorised, you must wait.

Notably, this visa is only effective for 18 months and can be converted into a PR permit upon securing employment in Australia.

As obtaining permanent residency involves various paths and categories, here are a few tips to help you register for PR after obtaining employment.

If an Australian employer has nominated you for any skilled position in an organisation, you can apply for the Employer Nomination Scheme visa. This is easier if you have verified work experience with a national organisation.

If you wish to reside and work permanently on the Australian subcontinent, apply for a Skilled Independent Visa. However, remember that this is a point-based visa, and you must score at least 60 points on the test.

You can apply for the Skilled Regional Visa if you have been a regional resident in any region of Australia with a Subclass 476 visa. You can even apply for this visa if you intend to relocate for professional reasons.

If a state or territory of Australia has nominated you, you can apply for the Skilled Nominated visa.

What are the odds of obtaining employment with a competent, recognised graduate visa?

If you are a skilled worker or have an offer of employment from an Australian employer, you may be eligible for faster immigration to Australia. If you already have employment, the matter is rendered moot.

However, this section is for you if you are a recent engineering graduate seeking employment in Australia under the Subclass 476 visa.

Based on your abilities, you are capable of finding employment. If you have excellent abilities, you are qualified. Additionally, much depends on how well you perform in the job interview.

If all goes well, you can find employment in Australia. If you need help preparing, you can seek professional assistance.

What are the extension possibilities?

As we all know, the Subclass 476 visa is reserved exclusively for engineering graduates, including Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and others.

After your visa expires, if you wish to extend your stay in Australia or become a permanent resident, you must take the necessary steps and begin the visa application process in advance.

The processing period can range between four and eleven months. The cost and time required to process your Australian permanent residency can vary based on the number of applicants and other factors influencing the immigration department.

Visa Application Processing Delay

If you have already registered for a visa and your application is being delayed, the following explains why.

Among the many factors that can delay a visa application is the large number of pending applications at the Australian immigration department.

Inaccurate paperwork or forgetting to affix any of the required documents can also result in a delay. This can occur even if your payment has yet to be processed or failed.

If you require clarification, you should consult with Australian immigration specialists.

What are the current regulations for visa subclass 476?

A degree in engineering is one of the most important requirements for the Subclass 476 visa.

In contrast to most other general migration visas, you are not required to submit a point-based application for a skilled visa. Your eligibility will be determined during the initial phase.

In light of this, the subclass 476 visa necessitates that all applicants satisfy the following requirements.

Recent regulations under this category stipulate that:

  • Applicants must be under 31 years old.
  • You must have earned a degree in engineering from an accredited institution within the past two years.
  • You cannot have previously been the primary holder of Subclass 476 or 485 visa.
  • You must demonstrate your English proficiency.

In addition, you must have graduated from an NBA-accredited institution in India, as the country is an authorised signatory of the Washington Accord. With this visa, you can remain in Australia for 18 months.

The visa application fee is currently AUD 365, which is equivalent to approximately Rs 17,885. This visa processing can take up to three to four months.

After passing the English Proficiency examination, several additional tests and clearances must be completed.

These include health clearances to ensure that immigration to the country is conducted healthily.

You would also need a police certificate to verify that you do not have any criminal records in countries where you have resided for more than a year within the past ten years.

If you intend to immigrate with your family, each member must possess a police clearance. Additionally, you must provide certified copies to demonstrate authenticity.


  1. Engineers from certain colleges can work and live in Australia for 18 months on the Subclass 476 Visa.
  2. The Subclass 476 Visa requires English language, a two-year engineering degree, health and character requirements, and being under 31.
  3. Subclass 476 Visas can be processed in 10-12 months with sufficient documentation.
  4. Subclass 476 Visas cost AUD 405 for primary applicants and dependents.
  5. Subclass 476 Visas may include spouses, partners, and their children or stepchildren.
  6. The Subclass 476 Visa can lead to Australian permanent residency through work or other visas.
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