Who administers the PTE General exam and where can it be taken?

The PTE General exam is administered by Pearson, a leading global education company known for its diverse range of educational products and services. Pearson operates test centers worldwide where candidates can take the PTE General exam.

The exam is conducted in authorized test centers located in various countries around the world. These test centers are equipped with the necessary facilities and resources to administer the exam efficiently and securely. Candidates can typically find a list of authorized test centers on the official Pearson website or by contacting Pearson’s customer service representatives.

Pearson ensures the integrity and reliability of the exam administration process by adhering to strict standards and protocols. This includes maintaining standardized testing conditions, employing trained invigilators to oversee the exam sessions, and implementing robust security measures to prevent cheating or irregularities.

Overall, Pearson’s global network of test centers provides candidates with convenient access to the PTE General exam, allowing them to demonstrate their English language proficiency in a reliable and standardized manner.