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Cost of Immigrating to Australia

Cost of Immigrating to Australia

Cost of Immigrating to Australia: Before moving to any foreign country, the most crucial factor that you must take into account is money. Knowing the anticipated costs in advance enables you to prepare both emotionally and financially to handle a variety of situations in your destination country. This is why you should be aware of the typical cost if you intend to apply for Australia Immigration from India. 

We’ll go over the estimated financial requirements for moving to Australia in this blog, along with the numerous aspects that affect it. 

Money required for Australian immigration:

It can be challenging to determine the precise amount needed to relocate to Australia because it relies on several variables, including your visa type, the size of your family, the length of time you plan to remain, the cost of medical care and documentation in your home country, etc.

Different types of Australian immigration visas, such as skilled visas, partner visas, and business visas, come at various price points. The total cost of moving to Australia falls into one of these groups and ranges according to the type of visa. 

Depending on the kind of visa you apply for and your unique situation, the amount of money needed to come to Australia can change. The following are some general principles:

Skilled Visas: For a skilled visa, you might have to provide evidence that you have the money to support yourself and any dependents for at least three months. You should have at least AUD 20,000 to AUD 30,000, though this number can fluctuate.

Business visa: If you’re requesting a business visa, you might have to provide evidence of your ability to invest at least AUD 800,000 in Australia.

Family visa: If you are being sponsored by an Australian citizen or permanent resident, they may need to demonstrate that they have enough money to support you and any dependents. 

Student visa: If you are requesting a student visa, you may need to demonstrate that you have enough money to pay your tuition and living costs while you are enrolled in school in Australia. You should have at least AUD 20,000 to AUD 30,000 every year, though this number can fluctuate.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that these are merely basic suggestions and that the sum of money needed may change depending on your particular situation. A registered migration agent or immigration lawyer can provide a more precise estimate of the amount of money you’ll need to move to Australia.

To better appreciate the total amount required, it is crucial to comprehend the breakdown of each expenditure. The following list of important costs is discussed: 

The amount needed to submit your visa application is the visa application fee. On the nation’s official website, you can see the price in exact figures. However, estimates place the cost at between $3600 and $3700 for the primary applicant, up to $1800 for a spouse, and between $900 and $1,000 for a child.  

The assessment price you pay to the proper organizations to have your skills and eligibility to immigrate to Australia is known as the “skill assessment fee.” Depending on your profile, it might be anywhere between 300 and 500 or even higher. You can also get in touch with one of a number of consultants in Lahore, such as Highbrow International, who can assist you with conducting the skill assessment. 

Language Exam (PTE/IELTS):

Since you must demonstrate that you possess adequate English skills, you must pass a language assessment test, the cost of which varies depending on the country. It ranges from $200 to $250, depending on the nation. 

Medical Assessment Fee: As part of the immigration procedure, you can be asked to submit to a number of health examinations to show that you are in good enough health to travel to a foreign country. Once more, the price would vary based on the nation or the city. According to estimates, each person’s medical expenses could cost up to $100. 

Cost of General Documentation: This cost comprises the money used to prepare various legal and personal documents, such as passports, photocopies, certificates of education or work, police clearance forms, etc. These ancillary costs could vary depending on where you live and be handled for less than $500. 

Cost of the consultant: If you are engaging an immigration consultant to complete the task for you, you must also take their fees into account. 

You must also account for post-application fees in the event that your visa is approved, in addition to the payments indicated above that are necessary for the immigrant visa application. These include airfare and other travel expenses, as well as the cost of living in Australia, which includes housing, food, healthcare, etc. 

Once more, the exact amount would depend on the size of your family. Obviously, the cost would be much lower if you were living alone as opposed to with a full household. In either scenario, you must have enough money for living expenses for the first few months after arriving. It usually takes some time to find employment and begin making money. 


  1. Australian immigration costs vary by visa type.
  2. Family size, expected stay time, and home country medical and document costs.
  3. Applicants for skilled visas often need between AUD 20,000 and AUD 30,000.
  4. Visa application fees, talent assessments, language exams, medical assessments, document preparation fees, and consultation fees are the biggest expenses.
  5. A qualified migration agent or immigration lawyer can estimate your moving costs to Australia more accurately.
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