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Free PTE Mock Test with Score - Practice Online

Free PTE Mock Test with Score – Practice Online

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PTE mock test provides you the advantage when you appear for the PTE exam and the mock test is set with 55 questions to combine with speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

PTE Section-wise test will help you to gauge your performance and PTE Section-wise test gives you an in-depth analysis of each question type and the areas to improve.

To overcome the fear of real-exam, the question bank is updated with the latest prediction file, repeated questions and  PTE mock tests has helped thousands of test takers from all over the world.

PTE Mock Tests platform is used and recommended by tutors and software you will face in your actual PTE Academic exam is very much similar to the PTE mock test.

Your scores are calculated by an automated scoring computer system and you will be allowed to use the headset to listen, and microphone to respond and PTE mock test will help you to understand the pattern of Pearson’s test, allowing you to gauge your performance before appearing for the exam and you can also check the sample answers after appearing in the exam.

You can track your performance and get the AI advice on the basis of the performance and practicing with pte full mock test with answers is more of the process of turning oneself before the PTE academic exam.

PTE practice test helps to rate your performance and get the scorecard instantly and all the exam stimulation is added in our online PTE mock test and PTE practice test to give you an edge while preparing. 

Speaking consists of questions to check the ability of your daily conversations. Speaking is the first section during the exam. It tests your ability to speak fluently.

There are 5 different question types in PTE. Some tips for PTE speaking include, try to utilize the erasable notebook to take down points, utilize the countdown time for preparation, improve your daily conversation in English, practice in a noisy background to get used to the real environment. 

This task will include two question types. Which includes Essay writing and summarizing written text. PTE writing tips include using an erasable notepad, keep writing for improvement, use time efficiently, try to build your own template etc. 

Reading exam tests your ability to write English in an academic environment and this section contains 15-20 integrated but independent items.

The format is designed to test your ability to read, write and listen and tips for PTE reading include use of skipping and skimming techniques, read academic articles to speed up your reading, develop the pool of academic vocabulary, imply the trick by practicing PTE scored mock tests etc. 

In the listening section total time for this portion will be approx. 30-43 minutes. Make sure to have a good command on grammar, vocab, spelling etc.

PTE listening tips include adjust volume in order to listen to audios clearly, be careful that audios are played once only, use an erasable notepad to note down the point, and be clear and precise with your response. Verify your spellings in Write from dictations.

Does PTE mock test provide free mock tests?

Yes, you can take a free PTE mock test by clicking on the button given in the required website.

Is the PTE mock test accurate?

There is only one way to do this: just take 2 tests of this then compare them with each other and the closer a result to the real one makes that mock test a better predictor and more accurate the result is going to be.

Is the PTE test harder than the actual test?

Most of the people don’t score much in the PTE mock and scoring for the actual exam to be much more lenient than the mock exam.

How to attempt the PTE exam?

Plan ahead, know what you’re getting into, take lots of practice tests, start studying vocabulary, focus on your subject etc.


  1. PTE mock test provides you many advantages. 
  2. PTE Section-wise test will help you to gauge your performance is also one of its advantages for choosing PTE.
  3. The PTE practice test helps to rate your performance.
  4.  You can track your performance.
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