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PTE Academic Test Format

PTE Academic Test Format

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PTE Academic Test Format: PTE Exam is one of the widely taken English language tests out there that is chosen by a number of candidates. It is a computer-based examination taken by candidates worldwide by several students.

PTE is also used for immigration. PTE is used as an eligibility criterion for the admission process in universities worldwide. PTE academic test and the PTE general test are the 2 formats of PTE.  Applicants take the PTE test for Australian immigration also.

PTE declares the results in a much smaller time duration as compared to its close competitors. The results of PTE are much more accurate and quicker than other tests. This makes the PTE test favourite among the students because the test format is simple as it consists of only three sections.

The computer-based examination focuses more on everyday English. PTE has a multi-level grading system. The candidate must be at least 16 years of age to apply for the PTE exam. There is a requirement for a letter from a parent or a guardian if the candidate is between 16 and 17 years of age.

PTE has three modules: speaking and writing, reading, and listening. The time is allotted to these sections. This is 77-93 minutes for PTE speaking and writing, 32-40 minutes for reading, and 45-57 minutes for listening.

The total duration of a PTE exam is around 3 hours and to register for PTE, one has to create an account with Pearson. One has to submit personal information, contact information, and additional information. The final step is to create the account.

If someone wants to prepare for the PTE exam, one has to understand the PTE syllabus and exam pattern. A good score on the PTE test also ensures that candidates would be able to represent their ideas, deliver presentations, and work to gain international exposure.

PTE tests your skills. The PTE test consists of three parts.  20 different question types are there in the test. Ranging from multiple choice to essay writing. Make sure you review the different question formats.

The PTE exam is being conducted at a PTE test centre. The PTE at Home has been launched. The PTE exam is a computer-based test with a headset, and the PTE exam is 2 hours long. The PTE test has been introduced to assess real-life English and the overall PTE exam pattern has a total of 20 question types.

So, part one is speaking and writing, and this part of the test is 54–67 minutes long. This section tests the candidates based on their 2 major skills of communication, which are spoken and written skills, and this section comprises 6 small sections. It contains seven different question types.

It is one of the longest sections of the test, and you are tested on your speaking and writing skills. The personal introduction is an opportunity so you can get to know about the PTE test technology.

It will help you prepare for your speaking and listening questions. You will have 25 seconds to read. Also, 25 seconds to prepare for your response. You will have 30 seconds to record. Only one time you can record your response.

Part second is the reading section, and this part of the test is 29–30 minutes long. It contains five different question types. It candidates on the basis of their ability to understand the written instructions in the language. The section is further divided into five segments. It is 29 to 30 minutes long.

PTE Academic Test Format

Part three is the listening section, and this part of the test is 30–43 minutes long. It contains eight different question types. The questions are based on audio. Each audio or video clip can be heard once. This section is divided into eight segments.

PTE Format Details
PTE Exam Pattern An English language exam that has been developed to test the speaking & writing skills, reading skills, and listening skills of candidates wanting to study abroad.
PTE Duration 2 Hours and a Single test session
Medium Computer-based with headset
Mode Taken in a test centre / Home Edition
Test Type Assesses real-life English
Test Layout 20 question types

Conclusion on PTE Academic Test Format:

The PTE exam is one of the best exams out there. It is chosen by a number of students due to its simplicity and accuracy. The PTE exam pattern is very simple. The PTE test consists of three parts. It has 20 question types. The PTE test is for about 2 hours. It is not that lengthy. PTE results are very much accurate as compared to others because there is no manual intervention.

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