PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks Sample 5

PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks:

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Becoming a professional farmer can surely come with its great (1) _______________. Living off the land and far from the city are just two of them and it appears that more and more people feel attracted to this sort of life instead of the (2) _____________ rush of the city. In an era where depression, anxiety and stress are disorders almost everyone seems to develop, farming can be a fructuous activity that is developed far from all the buzz of the city – which is precisely why so many people (3) ______________ it.

However, you should know that farming is far more than just planting and waiting and that there is a lot of information you should (4) ____________ before you even make the very first step. The truth is that farming can be a true art if you want to do it professionally and that knowledge is as important in this field of activity as it is any other one out there. Great farmers have a great knowledge of biology, climatic conditions, geography, a bit of chemistry and a lot of experience on their hands

Do bear in mind the fact that there is much more to seed cleaning, seed dressing and farming in general and that you will have to learn them all step by step. If you are just at the (5) ______________ of the road, acquire as much information, but do expect yourself to make mistakes from time to time – after all, it is from them that we learn the best.

appear        developed       planting       knowledge        advantages
learn           permanent      experience   acquire              information
fructuous   conditions      love               precisely            farming
acquire       attracted        dressing        professionally  anxiety
developed  advantages    planting        permanent        beginning


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