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Computer forensics is the process of investigating computer systems by collecting and analyzing computer-related _________________ and data to determine their illegal or unauthorized involvement in crimes or frauds. This relatively new field is used by law enforcement, military, intelligence agencies, and businesses. Computer evidence processing ___________ are scrupulously observed in the process, as the findings should be presented in a court of law.

Not merely confined to computer data recovery alone, computer forensics is a fast-growing investigative technique used by a forensic _____________ for retrieving data that has been electronically stored or encrypted on digital media such as a personal or work computer. Law enforcement agencies use computer forensics to gather evidence about a suspect or known criminal. Computer forensics experts can detect rogue employees or contractors who are leaking critical ______________ such as company plans or sensitive customer data.

Many computer forensics professionals learn the techniques on the job in law enforcement or computer security positions. But with the field expanding widely, employers are currently looking for candidates with certificate ___________ and formal education in computer forensics, which are available from many institutions. The formal education programs offer instructions on pertinent legal issues, computer skills, and forensic tools that they will need while working as computer forensics professionals.

professionals     positions       evidence      contractors        intelligence       protocols        unauthorized  specialist            techniques     information        security       retrieving       programs

evidence protocols specialist information programs

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