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Understand your PTE Scores

Understand your PTE Scores

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Understand your PTE Scores: PTE is a widely used English proficiency exam for candidates looking to study across universities. The PTE at Home is held in the safety of the home of the candidate, keeping student safety in mind always.

The conducting body has also shortened the total duration of the PTE exam from 3 hours to 2 hours. PTE results are declared in five days, but the majority of the PTE results were just declared in a record time of 1.2 days approx.

PTE Scores:

PTE scores are valid for two years from the date of the exam, and the expired PTE scores would be automatically removed from the test taker’s account.

PTE academic test takers should be aware that every university has a required PTE score, and the candidates are expected to achieve the same or a higher value to be eligible for admission to the university, which is a must.

When you complete your PTE Academic test, you receive a Score Report and a Skills Profile to help you understand your test score, your language skill level etc., which is very helpful. Here are the details about PTE Test for Work.

A score of between 10 and 90 will grade your English ability. Individual scores for Communicative Skills. Individual scores for Communicative Skills. You should predict your potential score.

For this, you should try to score a practice test, and a scored practice test will help you to predict the potential overall score that you can achieve. It will also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and you can resolve or work on those weaknesses.

If we talk about PTE, it gives you and your chosen institutions a detailed view of your English skills and all. Results are typically available in 48 hours.

You can send unlimited Score Reports for free. You receive a score Report after completing your PTE academic test. PTE scorecard shows the overall performance, which consists of every item.

Every institution sets its scores as they want, so you have to achieve the required scores of the institution. Foundation courses: minimum score of between 36–50. Undergraduate degrees: minimum score of between 51–60. Postgraduate degrees: minimum score between 57–67.

Understand your PTE Scores

Accessing your scores:

When your scores are ready, your scores are emailed to you. Then you just have to sign in to your PTE account to see your digital score report. You can then choose to share it with your chosen institutions whenever you are interested.

As your score report is digital, sharing it with your chosen universities and colleges is simple, secure, and fast. Share your report with as many institutions as you like or you want.

Test takers can check the result and the PTE report card by securely logging in and can get their results. Candidates can check the score report in their myPTE accounts for two years.

PTE score card allows universities and institutes to verify a score online securely, and test-takers do not need to share prints.

Steps to follow for sending PTE scores:

Login to your PTE account, view score reports, choose to send scores, type the institute name in the institution/organisation/department/school field and search, and select the name of the institute in the search result list, review your details and click next, follow the instruction for each of the institutes.

PTE score card list of contents:

PTE score card list includes content like photo and test-taker ID, mail ID of the candidate, citizenship, country, gender, test date and centre with the ID of the centre, number of attempts in PTE, PTE score card issue date, PTE score card is valid through, overall score followed by the score breakdown of communicative skills and enabling skills etc.

PTE IELTS score card update:

PTE score comparison in concordance with IELTS score has changed the dynamics of its popularity among students worldwide. The score of PTE is reduced, which means PTE has made things easier for students. PTE has screwed those who seek permanent residency.

For PR applicants, things have become tougher. Even chaps with good English used to struggle to get 79, and those who enjoyed saying 8.5 bands have to settle down with 7.5 bands. Getting 90 in PTE actually never meant 9 bands of IELTS.

Positive aspects Negative aspects
  • So, getting 36 in PTE equals 5.5 bands of IELTS
  • Getting 46 of PTE equals 6 bands of IELTS
  • Getting 56 in PTE equals 6.5 bands of IELTS
  • Getting 83 in PTE equals 7.5 bands of IELTS
  • Getting 84 of PTE equals 8 bands of IELTS
  • Getting 90 in PTE does not equal 9 bands of IELTS


PTE is one of the best tests out there, you should definitely choose it. It just requires some hard work for getting a good score in PTE. It is one of the most chosen tests by students for studying abroad and for immigration. Just practice more and do some hard work and you will easily get good scores.

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