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Visa Cancellation Australia

Visa Cancellation Australia

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Visa Cancellation means that your previous visa granted by the Australian Government has come to an end. There can be serious consequences for Visa Cancellation Australia. 

The consequences of Visa Cancellation in Australia can also extend to the family members, which are dependent on the primary Visa holder whose visa got cancelled. 

The cancellation of the Visa depends on a number of factors depending upon the conditions of the individual. The Minister or Minister’s delegate has the visa cancellation authority. 

The Department of Home Affairs can cancel the visas of your family members alone with you. Employers or sponsors don’t have the authority to cancel the visa. 

There are many grounds for Visa cancellation under the migration provisions. Or the visa can be cancelled if the Minister determines the grounds for Visa Cancellation under section 116.


If the visa holder is outside of Australia, then the visa may be cancelled without notice to the visa holder if you don’t compile with the conditions of the visa, then your visa can also get cancelled. 

Providing false information or not meeting the character requirements, including the requirements of medical fitness, can also lead to Visa Cancellation in Australia. 

You will usually get a notice from the department about the cancellation of your visa. You can apply to revoke the cancellation by presenting your reasons for the same. 

Having a Visa Cancellation in Australia, you may also be banned from applying again for the Australian visa temporarily or permanently. 

When your Visa is Cancelled:

Australian migration provision states that all the people living in Australia must hold a valid and legal residency status. These people are also known as lawful residents of Australia.

If your visa is cancelled, then you become an unlawful resident of Australia. In some cases, if you are eligible, then you can get a substantive visa or bridging visa. 

Visa Cancellation Australia

If you don’t hold any type of visa, then there are greater chances of you being detained or removed from Australia permanently. Some of the common reasons for Visa Cancellation in Australia are:

  1. Filling wrong information in your application form.
  2. Submitting the forged documents with your visa application.
  3. Visa granting conditions no longer remained the same or changed. 
  4. Breach or non-compliance with the conditions which are mentioned in your visa status. 
  5. You failed to pass the character test by Australian immigration.
  6. If you engage in activities which are illegal or prohibited in Australia. 

Impacts of Visa Cancellation in Australia:

If your visa is cancelled, then it will be labelled in your immigration records which will make it more difficult for you to get an Australian Visa again. 

You can get permanent detention from the country. In some cases, family is also implicated. Your visa cancellation in Australia will be mentioned in all future visa applications. 

Not only in Australia, but having a cancelled visa will impact your visa application to other countries also. The reasons which lead to your Visa cancellation can also complicate your future visa applications. 

Sometimes it affects the other visas you are holding. So it can be said that visa cancellation in Australia is serious in nature and has far-fetched impacts on the individuals and persons linked to them. 

So if a visa is cancelled, then as a visa holder, the individual must know all about the circumstances and conditions which lead to the cancellation of your visa. It also includes the factors that will decide whether or not you are eligible for a Visa cancellation review. 

What are your options in case of visa cancellation? Like can you apply for another visa, or can your family stay on their current visa. You should have clarity about all the aspects regarding your visa cancellation and be aware of all the outcomes of the decision. 

How can you prevent Visa Cancellation in Australia: 

To prevent Visa Cancellation in Australia, one must be aware of all the rules and regulations for living in Australia. Having the right information about your visa and stay will help you.

If you have any doubt about your stay conditions, then you can also seek help from a professional like an immigration lawyer. They can assist you with your doubts and help you to keep your visa status in Australia.

In the case of Visa cancellation in Australia, having an expert opinion can give you a sense of security. Visa Cancellation in Australia can be stressful, and having an expert consultation in the area can help in taking off your stress as they will guide you through the process.  

In case your visa is cancelled, then you should first check the reason why your visa is cancelled and ask for an expert opinion. Also, check all the conditions mentioned in the visa cancellations and find out its impact on you and your family members. 


  1. Visa Cancellation in Australia is a result of a violation of the visa conditions.
  2. There are many reasons for visa cancellations, depending on the person. 
  3. You become an unlawful resident in Australia after your visa cancellation.
  4. You, along with your family, will be affected by the Visa cancellation in Australia. 
  5. In some cases, you will be barred from applying again for an Australian visa.
  6. Visa cancellation in Australia also affects your visa application to other countries.
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