PTE Reading Fill in the blanks Sample 3:

PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks Samples and Sample Answers

PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks:

In the text below some words are missing. Drag words from the box below to the appropriate place in the text. To undo an answer choice, drag the word back to the box below the text.

Climbing artificial walls, especially indoors, is much(1) ________ because anchor points and holds are able to be more (2)_______ fixed, and environmental conditions can be (3)________. During indoor climbing, holds are easily visible in contrast with natural walls where finding a good hold or foothold may be a challenge. Climbers on artificial walls are somewhat restricted to the holds prepared by the route setter whereas on natural walls they can use every slope or crack in the (3)_________ of the wall. Some typical rock formations can be difficult to emulate on climbing walls.

steep             safer            side            firmly            controlled        casually        surface        slower


  1. safer
  2. firmly
  3. controlled
  4. surface

Answer Explanation:

  1. The word following determiner ‘much’ must be the comparative degree of adjective which from the options could either be ‘safer’ or ‘slower’. From the context, the word suitable is safer.
  2. The word following the adjective ‘more’ and preceding verb ‘fixed’ should be an adverb. Adverbs from the options are ‘firmly’ and ‘casually’. Based on the context of the passage, the suitable option is ‘firmly’ and hence, also the answer.
  3. […..environmental conditions can be __________] – this is an independent passive clause. The word in the blank should be V3 (third form of the verb). The only suitable option is ‘controlled’.
  4. The only word suitable in the blank is the noun ‘surface’. Surface of the wall is also a commonly used collocation.


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