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Take the PTE Academic test in or nearby Sydney

Take the PTE Academic test in or nearby Sydney

PTE Academic test: The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is a leading, three-hour computer-based test of English language proficiency and this test is for study, migration and professional registration.

The PTE test is internationally recognized. PTE results are generally made available within five business days. The fee for the PTE Test had raised from $375.00 to $385.00. It is an international computer-based English language test.

It measures how well you can use English and its result is used by universities, colleges, professional bodies, and government departments. It requires you to achieve a minimum standard of academic English.

PTE results are used to decide whether you qualify for higher education admission, professional body assessment, or an Australian visa.

PTE gives you the ability to communicate effectively in English is critical to successfully interacting and growing in an English-speaking environment.

The purpose of PTE academics is to accurately assess your Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing ability for admission to educational institutions and permanent migration.

If you originate from a non-English speaking country, you are required to demonstrate your academic English language ability. It provides an accurate measure of your English language proficiency and they use your PTE score to determine your actual English language ability. PTE academics use a variety of integrated skills item types to indicate how well you can use the English language.

PTE Academic test:

PTE Academic test items are task-based and they represent the range of functions and situations that you will encounter every day. PTE Academic features 20 different item types.

PTE is delivered through Pearson’s secure network of test centres. You can register for your PTE test online and you will create a secure web account with a unique username and password.

Teachers around the world have enjoyed making the switch to PTE Academic preparation because it focuses on real-life academic skills. The test fee for PTE Academic can vary depending on the test date, and test location and make sure you will get a good score on your test.

Take the PTE Academic test in or nearby Sydney

If we talk about the best centres for the PTE exam in Sydney it includes Pearson Professional Center Parramatta Pros, the chance of repeated questions, Most of our students got 8 each from this centre, Macquarie Park or Kensington. Good success rate so far, Sydney Olympic Park, Pearson Professional centre Bridge street, Navitas Level 8, Navitas Level 3.

If you want to book the PTE exam in  Sydney, then you are supposed to Go to Pearson, select check availability in the homepage banner, or ‘book a test in the top left corner of our site navigation from anywhere on the website, click ‘check test availability & book’ under the PTE academics heading.

After that, search for a test centre and find an appointment. For this Select the test centre closest to you and click next, and select the date and time of your exam.

You’ll be asked to create (or sign in to) your my PTE account and then complete your profile you should also take a moment to read our ID policy, which covers what forms of ID are acceptable to bring with you to the test and review your booking details and submit your order.

PTE Academic is taken at a secure test centre and you will need to show your ID, show your passport and sign in digitally, get your digital photograph taken, and scan your palm digitally. When you arrive at Navitas English Test Center (NETC), our test administrator will request to see your valid passport, ask for a digital photograph and signature, and scan your palm.

You need to arrive at least 30 minutes before your test starts and you must bring an acceptable ID. You may be able to hear your neighbours speak as they take their tests and PTE academics takes 2 hours and 15 minutes.

You will use a computer and headset to listen to, read and respond and during the two and a-quarter-hour test session there will be three main parts to the test.  In the test, you will hear a range of accents.

If we talk about the things that you can’t bring to the test room includes Digital devices, analogue watch, wallets and keys, Jackets, hoodies, scarves, gloves, baseball caps, beanies, hats or hoods, cases for pens or glasses, pieces of paper, highlighters, rulers and correction fluid, food or drink of any kind etc.


  1. PTE gives you the ability to communicate effectively in English.
  2. You can register for your PTE test online.
  3. PTE results are used to decide whether you qualify for higher education admission.
  4. It is the simplest test that requires little hard work.
  5. The PTE test is chosen worldwide by a number of candidates.

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